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July 26th, 2014
Anything Your Heart Desires

My Sexy Saturday

Sexy can be anything, such as romantic moments like walks on the beach, a home cooked meal or even in another galaxy. It could be two lovers here on Earth dreaming about the day where they go on a magical vacation to another planet. Or staying right here at one of those wonderful places we can find in our own world.

Readers want to see those characters, the ones who can’t get enough of each other as well as ones who are fighting their way back to being part of the world once again. These are the types of characters they can’t forget, the one they want to take home and keep forever. Readers love the kisses, the looks or touch of each and every one of our characters.

Sexy has nothing to do with looks or status or even wealth. It doesn’t demand perfection and it isn’t pretentious but it does make us want to read those books.

We know that everyone has their own idea of sexy and we all love sexy!

Note: If you’d like to participate in My Sexy Saturday, you’ll find all the details about how to sign up here.

My Sexy Saturday snippet comes from my contemporary romance One Night of Misbehavior, which is currently on sale for 99c. This is a limited offer so grab your copy today.

One Night of Misbehavior photo OneNightFINAL200x300_zpse86c6ae1.jpg

Charlotte wanted to protest, wanted to say she wasn’t that sort of girl, but the words jammed halfway up her throat. She clutched his shoulders and let him kiss her. Cripes, why not tell the truth? At least to herself. He made her feel free and daring, and she wanted him so much it hurt.

He fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, wrenched her bra aside. She groaned against his mouth as he thumbed her aching nipple, tugging and creating the perfect friction. One hand crept up her thigh and under her skirt, palming her buttock and squeezing.

She pulled away from the kiss, her chest heaving as she gasped for air. His hands didn’t leave her skin. He surrounded her with his power, his scent. His determination. Fear should have filled her, but he brought out the femininity in her, made her feel more than a drudge. He made her beautiful. Powerful. And it was heady stuff.

“I don’t suppose you have a condom?” Ms. Feisty to the fore. Oh, yeah.

He muttered something under his breath, seconds before his fingers dipped beneath the band of her panties. Fabric ripped as he cupped her heat. She gripped his shoulders and held on, moaning her pleasure when one finger pushed inside her. Not even the embarrassing liquid squelch of her arousal pulled her from the spell. All she could think about was him filling her, thrusting deep with his hard length.

Impatient for more, she attacked the fastening of his trousers, pleased to find a distinct bulge. “Ash, please.”

He flicked his finger over her clit. “Please what?” His gritty voice told her they were both lost causes. Neither of them possessed an ounce of good sense.

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5 comments to “Anything Your Heart Desires”

  1. Oooo verra nice :)

  2. Thanks, Anna. This was a fun story to write.

  3. Love that snippet, very sexy.

  4. Thanks, Mary :)

  5. As always, Shelley, well written.