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September 19th, 2012
Feeling the Buzz – The Idea Behind the Story

Wayne wants Jen. Sebastian wants Wayne. Jen doesn’t want any man since her boyfriend ditched her by text minutes before her leaving party. It’s going to take a lot of laughter, fun and hot seduction before the three can decide exactly what they want and how to get it.

Feeling the Buzz, the third story in my Fancy Free series is out tomorrow (21 Sep) at Ellora’s Cave.

Fancy FreeFor those of you who are not familiar with my series, Fancy Free is a company owned by Alice and James Bates. The main sales of the company come from condoms, but in successive books Christmas is Coming and Feeling the Buzz, the company has branched out into sex toys.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll repeat it for newer visitors. The idea for Fancy Free came from an airline travel magazine.

My husband and I were flying home from San Francisco aboard an Air New Zealand flight. I was browsing the in-flight magazine and an article about new products caught my attention. One of the items was a vibrating condom, and immediately my mind seized the idea and the possibilities. “Oh, look at this,” I said to my husband in a loud voice. “Let’s buy one. What a great idea for a story,” I added. My husband shushed me when I attempted further discussion because people were looking, so I went into daydream mode, and by the time we landed in Auckland, I had a plot mapped out about a heroine who inherits a condom factory.Christmas is Coming

The second book seemed to flow on automatically from the first. I thought if a company employed inventors, then the inventors would embrace lots of different designs. Enter condom and sex toy inventor Gaby Montgomery and her two male room mates. Gaby’s work life spills over to her personal life and romance ensues. Of course there were quite a few problems between the start of Christmas is Coming and the satisfying conclusion. (BTW – no puns are intended!)

With Feeling the Buzz, I was following an online discussion between several authors when the subject of remote controlled vibrators came up. Immediately my mind spun in a different direction since I’d recently looked at universal remotes – the one size controls everything sort of remote. I started to wonder what would happen if a woman wore a remote controlled vibrator to a social function. What if a person other than her date had a remote control in their possession?

The idea for Feeling the Buzz was born.

Feeling the Buzz

Jen Alexander is intent on fulfilling a promise to her mother. She’s heading back to school to finish her education, but a remote controlled vibrator shoves her on a detour.

For her ex-boss Wayne Garrett, the night of Jen’s party is a revelation. Now he’s seen her sexy side, he plans on seduction big time—a private party for three. But worried his feelings for Wayne could spoil their friendship, his business partner Sebastian Lang refuses to play.

Wayne wants Jen. Sebastian wants Wayne. Jen doesn’t want any man since her boyfriend ditched her by text minutes before the party. It’s going to take a lot of laughter, fun and hot seduction before the three can decide exactly what they want and how to get it.

Remember, this is out on 21 Sep from Ellora’s Cave! Party smile

And here’s a quick excerpt from Fancy Free, the book that started the series:

“Is something wrong?” James asked in a husky voice.

“I’m fine. No problem.” She barely halted the telltale shiver of bliss at the sound of his voice. As one, everyone turned to stare at her and that heightened her awareness of the wretched man. This was ridiculous. How could an almost virgin run a condom company? She had no experience to draw on. She could hardly count her one time at university as experience. The heat in her cheeks intensified even farther when she sneaked a look at the photo on top of the folder. Half expecting a voice to shout, “Off with her head,” she swallowed and wondered if they’d notice if she ran from the room. Oh dear. Her gaze wandered to the photo again without waiting for her brain to give permission.

The condom was a delicate violet color and had tiny raised dots all over the surface. It looked like an alien creature with chicken pox. There were certainly alien appendages attached. Hard to say what that round bit did. Dragging her gaze from the photo, she turned her attention to James’ run down of the product and the current state of play. Tests. Trials. Okay. She supposed that made sense. They had to know if they worked properly.

But how did they conduct the tests?

Her mind went into overdrive as she visualized a typical condom trial. A man and woman naked on a huge bed while a man dressed in a white coat stood with a clipboard, snapping out pertinent questions and ticking off the questions in his survey. How did the latex feel? Did it fit to the penis correctly? Was it too thick? Too thin? Was it big enough to catch semen? Did it stand up to vigorous thrusts? Is there significant loss of sensation?

A tight band constricted Alice’s chest, affecting her breathing. Her bra felt way too tight. She furtively tugged at the underwire of her bra while a wave of heat engulfed her body. She squirmed about on her chair, warmth growing in her nether regions because of her sexual thoughts. Alice bit into her bottom lip. Questions. She had them, but nerves and uncertainty made her hesitate. A sharp inhalation did nothing to steady her. This was stupid. She had a vested interest in this condom company and had every right to ask questions. “Um, how do you conduct trials?”

Do you like learning about the ideas behind an author’s book? Just curious because I thought I might invite visiting authors to share how they came up with their story idea. What do you think?

10 comments to “Feeling the Buzz – The Idea Behind the Story”

  1. I love reading how you get inspired to write your sexy books. Looking forward to reading this new one…Huge congrats Shelley.

  2. Thanks, Savannah.

  3. Huzzah! I finally got in.

    Love this post. I love hearing the back story behind the story.

    Ref: “Let’s buy one….
    Methinks your hubby is incredibly patient and understanding. :)

  4. Hi Maria,

    I’ve been having real problems with my site and the technicians are currently working on fixing speed and down time. I’ve been saying many naughty words recently, which is what I told them!

    My hubby is awesome. He’s ultra supportive, but in this case I think he wanted peace for the long flight. :)

  5. I agree. Getting the backstory for the story can be just as fun lol!!!

  6. I like hearing the story behind too. :)

  7. This plot is incredibly original. And anyone can sympathize with a woman dumped by text!

  8. Thanks, Brinda.

  9. I’ve had such a hard time getting your page to load recently.

    I love finding out how the book came about. Loved the excerpt. Gonna have to put this one in my wish list now. :)

  10. Wishing you many sales.